Your Guide to This Year’s Summer Fashion Trends

New Fashion Trends for Summer 2019

Maybe you have already noticed the darker purples and browns of winter giving way to lighter, fresher hues. This summer’s fashion trends are sure to keep you cool and stylish as you go about your busy day. To catch up on what’s new and in, check out this list of the trends this summer we’ve put together for you.


This summer is all about fashionable utility, from utility trousers to belts and boiler suits. A slight veer off the jumpsuit trend that took over last summer and fall, boiler suits have altered the scene by taking the jumpsuit look from sleek to practical.

Animal Print

Animal patterns are always coming and going in and out of style, but we are so happy they’re back in again this summer! Either as the pattern of a full jumpsuit or added in small doses as accessories, there are so many ways to work animal prints into your outfits.


There is a lot of talk about shoulders this year. Puff shoulders are in, encouraging a bold statement and flare around the neckline. If that’s not your style though, one-shouldered tops are also in. The asymmetricity that these tops provide is always a fashionable choice. And, if you’re feeling extra bold, why not combine the puff and one-shouldered looks?

Square toes

Sometimes we have to thank a trend for bringing us the comfort we’ve been waiting for. Ditch the point and go for a straight toed heel. Not only will you be in style, but your toes will thank you.


Going along with the utility theme, fishnets are also in. Instead of a tight-knit shawl, drape a loose and breezy fishnet wrap over your shoulders that will bring style to any outfit.


While fall and winter brought us darker shades of purple, this summer we are lightening up to a cool and relaxing lavender. For such a subtle hue, it made a big splash on catwalks around the world for summer fashion.

Tie Dye

We are feeling a little blast from the past with this one. Always a fun craft for kids, Tie Dye is back in this season as a fashion choice, and has gotten a sophisticated new look.

With neons also being very on trend this summer, we’re wondering if there is a 70s comeback we weren’t told about.


Fringes of feathers, strings and cut fabric are gracing the edges of all apparel this season. This comes following the cowboy boot trend in the fall, although fringes have been taken to new extremes. They are an easy way to spruce up clothing seams and add a sun flair to any item.

Bike Shorts

On hot summer days we will all be thankful bike shorts are in this season. We are seeing these form-fitting shorts worn with everything from tank tops to blazers. There is nothing you can’t wear with bike shorts this summer to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat.