How to Have Fun Without Overspending this Summer

mom summer saving tips

Finding the right balance between ensuring you spend the summer having fun family activities without emptying out the family’s savings account can be tricky. It seems like everything keeps getting more and more expensive.

However, you don’t have to empty the kids’ college funds to keep them entertained this summer. You just have to get creative with activities and be diligent when it comes to finding those coupons or cheap/free activities.

Some ideas for fun activities for the whole family that won’t put too much stress on the wallet include:

Camping in the Backyard

You can set up a tent without having to drive for hours into the wilderness, and you don’t have to sacrifice when it comes to food—you’ll still just be a few feet from the kitchen. You can have a bonfire, tell ghost stories, or just stargaze (if you live in an area where you can see the stars), all without having to leave your backyard.

Attend a Fireworks Display

So, you thought you could only watch fireworks during the 4th of July? Well you’d be mistaken. Many parks have scheduled pyrotechnic displays throughout the summer months, and they are often free to attend. A quick internet search will let you know where and when the next show nearest you will take place.

Host a Potluck

Have you been wanting to have the neighbors over for a BBQ, but you don’t want to have to take out a second mortgage in order to feed everyone? A potluck could be a great alternative. You can pick up a few items to grill up, and have the guests bring the buns, sides, toppings, etc. Plus, you can encourage your guests to bring foods from their cultural backgrounds and try foods you otherwise might not.

Go to the Park

Many local parks have a full slate of events scheduled during the summer months that are either very cheap or free to attend. There are food festivals, performances, information nights, and many others that might pique your family’s interest. You can find out which parks will be hosting what events by checking out their website calendar.

Go Swimming

When the weather gets hot, you’ll want to get out of the house and do what you can to beat the heat. A great and cheap way to do that is by visiting the local swimming pool. There’s a database that breaks down which pools offer what classes, and even informs potential attendees which pools having diving boards.  Best of all, most outdoor pools are free to attend!

Go for a Hike

A hike can be a great activity because it provides an opportunity to spend quality time with the family, while getting some exercise, and possibly keeping the kids’ minds engaged, as you can teach them about all the different plants and animals you come across. Best of all, it doesn’t cost anything—you just have to find a trail.