Affordable Yard Improvements

affordable yard improvements

The backyard can be one of the most social ‘rooms’ of the house—it can function as a dining room, a games room, a beach, and so many others.

Whether you’re having friends and family over for a BBQ, getting everyone together for a game night, spending an evening outside watching the stars or having a bonfire with some sweet snacks, the backyard is incredibly versatile.

If you’re planning on using yours more this summer, you might want to spruce it up. But, how can you improve your yard without spending a ton of money?

Below is a list of some yard improvements that won’t break the bank.

Refurbished Additions

Do you have some old furniture sitting around taking up space? Refurbishing it could be a great way to both find a use for an old item and spruce up your backyard.

Have an old bathtub that’s just sitting around collecting dust? You can fill it with soil and create a planter… or maybe a personal garden.

Maybe you have some old dining room furniture that’s not in use; you can add a coat of paint and maybe slap on some varnish and create a patio set for warm summer nights when you want to eat outside.

All it takes is some old furniture and a little creativity.

Outdoor Lighting

Who says outdoor lighting is only for the winter months? You can do a lot with today’s LED lights, and, best of all, you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill soaring.

Whether you want to set up some dangling lights along your back fence, or perhaps have them hang down from an overhead fixture, or draw attention to the fabulous plants you’ve been tending to all spring, or maybe you want to get elaborate and set up a gazebo with lights hanging from the edges, there are so many ways you can light up your yard without having to dig into your wallet.

Build a Firepit

Whether it’s to add a place for your kids to hang out in front of and make s’ mores (beats having them spend the whole night staring at a screen), or for you and your adult friends to relax in front of with a cold drink on a warm summer night, a fire pit can add a touch of ambience and aesthetics to any yard.

Best of all, you can build one for relatively cheap—no need to hire an expensive contractor.

Vertical Gardens

Do you want to add a splash of color and aroma of your backyard, but you feel like you don’t have the space to add all the plants you’d like? Why not go vertical?!

Rather than using up all the space, you have planting flowers on the ground, you can build up. You can find hanging pots for relatively cheap at most hardware stores, and even some dollar stores or you can build your own with whatever materials you have lying around (you can even repurpose old household items that aren’t being used as planters), and simply stack them on top of each other on a wall(s) that you feel could use some more color.