What You Should Know About Spring Roof Maintenance

What You Should Know About Spring Roof Maintenance

When winter finally comes to an end in Canada and the northern United States, spring maintenance and cleaning is the first thing on most homeowner’s minds. Winter storms can cause a lot of damage that, if not dealt with promptly, can cause significant problems when spring rains start to fall.

Roofs tend to bear the brunt of winter damage, which is why it is important to make your roof your first priority when it comes to spring roof maintenance, and to hiring a local roofing company (for example, a Toronto roofing company if you live in the GTA) to undertake any repairs that may be needed.

If you want to make sure you start the spring with a roof that will keep out the rain, here are three things to watch out for:

Clean Your Roof and Remove Debris

Most homeowners in residential neighbourhoods go to great length to cultivate shade trees to beautify their property and attract wildlife. But these same trees drop needles, leaves, twigs and even limbs onto your roof, damaging shingles and creating potentially serious water flow problems.

If enough debris is allowed to build up, it can act as a dam, trapping water on your roof, dramatically decreasing the life-span of your shingles and potentially leading to a rotting roof deck and leaks inside your home.

Replace Broken Shingles Immediately

One of the biggest issues residential homes face come spring is lost or broken shingles. Shingle roofs are designed so that each overlapping tab provides maximum protection against the elements, and even one missing shingle can lead to serious water damage.

If the damage is extensive, you should make sure to hire a roofing company to replace damaged sections and ensure that the roof has the ventilation and protection it needs to keep moisture out. If you want to know more about how Toronto roofing companies can help you fix a damaged roof, you can learn more from Professional Roofers about the options available and how you should proceed with repairs.

Look Out for Clogged and Damaged Gutters

Roofs are designed to channel water away from the house, and gutters play an essential role in this. Gutters that are clogged with dirt and leaves trap water on the roof, and winter ice and snow can cause gutters to separate from the eaves, causing water to gather by the foundation of your house and putting your basement at risk of flooding.

For this reason, if you want your house to stay dry this spring, make sure to clean out your gutters immediately, and fix any damage you find.

As any long-time homeowner knows, preventive maintenance is essential if you want to keep your home safe and dry, and if you want to avoid more costly repairs further down the road.

This spring, make sure you start the season off right by making sure your roof is cleaned of debris, fixing any broken shingles, and cleaning out your gutters. Not only will this help you avoid damaging leaks, but it will also ensure that your roof stays in good shape for years to come.