What Skincare Ingredients Stop Damage from Free Radicals

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Free radicals are unstable atoms inside of the body that slowly damages cells and proteins. When it comes to skincare, these atoms will degrade the quality of the skin and accelerate the signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Moms can’t stop free radicals from reaching their skin because they are everywhere — they come from cigarette smoke, sunlight and air pollution. What cosmetic companies can do to protect people from free radical damage is include these specific ingredients in their skincare products.

Vitamin C

Free radicals are single atoms looking for electrons, so antioxidants give them electrons and stop them from wreaking havoc in the body. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is an incredibly effective antioxidant, whether it’s ingested through food or applied topically.

The reason why Vitamin C is exceptionally good is that it neutralizes free radicals and repairs damage by boosting the development of the protein collagen, making the skin elastic and smooth. The vitamin also heals and prevents pigmentation so that the user’s skin tone remains even.

Be aware that Vitamin C is a tricky ingredient that can be more effective or less effective depending on the other chemical components of the formula. It works well in combination with Vitamin E, increasing the longevity of products designed for UV-protection. It doesn’t work well with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinol or any other ingredients that create a high pH-environment.

Vitamin E

Another antioxidant that is excellent for skin care products is Vitamin E (Tocopherol) because it neutralizes free radicals and heals the damage made by them. The ingredient encourages cell restoration, which can repair sun damage, scars and burns. It’s also appreciated for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing capabilities.

Titanium Dioxide

The sun’s UV rays are notorious for creating free radicals that rapidly harm the skin causing uneven pigment, lost elasticity and unpleasant texture. Too much stimulation from UV rays can lead to skin cancer.

Titanium dioxide is a common ingredient found in sunblock. The component creates a barrier against ultraviolet-B and short-wave ultraviolet-A rays, deflecting them away from the skin. Skincare products that deal with areas that are vulnerable to sun exposure like face creams and concealers should incorporate this ingredient into their formulations.

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Free radicals are unavoidable. The easiest way for the average consumer to protect their skin from the constant harm of free radicals is with the help of well-made skincare products. You can give them the solution to this life-long skin problem in a single bottle of lotion.