Top 3 Souvenirs to Pick Up When Travelling

types of souvenirs

If you’re getting an itch to travel somewhere, whether it’s a place you’ve been to before or if you are thinking of exploring somewhere new, you might want to pick something up for yourself or for your friends as a souvenir.

But sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying gifts that you or your friends never use, or that just end up sitting around taking up space. Here are some of the best ideas for souvenirs to grab during your travels.

The Classic Tee

types of souvenirs

Don’t underestimate the power of a custom t-shirt with a design that represents the place you visited. Whatever t-shirt design you choose, as long as it in some way shows off where you visited, then it’ll always be there to remind you of your trip.

T-shirts are great souvenirs because not only do they tell a story but they are useful too. Click here to learn more about how you can even design your own shirt or add personalized embroidery. Consider adding your friend’s or family’s name to their shirt to make the gift extra special.

Magnets are cute and a clever way to give yourself or your friends and family something useful. Almost everyone has a fridge that they can fill up with magnets, especially ones that have a story behind them from a trip.

You can get all sorts of unique magnets, whether they show off some of the location’s tourist attractions or its scenery, there are a number of fridge magnet gems out there to collect. Next thing you know your fridge will be filled with one from every location you’ve visited.

Invest in Some Local Artwork

types of souvenirs

If you have the luggage space, why not consider buying a local piece of artwork, or some prints off a talented street vendor? In the more touristy spots, you’ll often see painters and other artists trying to sell their work, and they typically make pieces inspired by the location.

Having your own custom print from the place you visited would be a great way to add style to your home (or make a great gift for someone else’s home). Not only will the art remind you of the place you visited, but it’ll also be a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

Traditional Clothing and Jewellery

types of souvenirs

Also a practical choice, traditional clothing and jewellery native to the area you’re visiting would make a great souvenir for anyone. Many locals will often sell their traditional clothing in order to show off their heritage, as well as share the love of their traditions with other people.

Traditional jewellery is also another way to support local businesses. For instance, Celtic-inspired jewellery is very popular in Ireland for tourists and there are a number of stores that sell handmade pieces.

Find Your Own Thing

Many people often find their own thing that they like to collect when they visit new places and even have a collection growing back home. Some people like to collect coasters, bottle-openers, or even mugs. Find your own thing and you can begin to grow a collection that is unique to you.