Tips That Will Keep You On-Trend on Winter Fashion for Women

winter fashion tips

If you’re wondering what fashions to invest in for the winter look no further. Here’s a look at the latest trends in winter fashion for women:

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are hot this winter. Hair scarves and turban headbands to put over the hair, and hairpins and barrettes to hold it back. Special materials like pearl clips and velvet scrunchies are popular.


Put away your pointed shoes. The latest shoe style is square toed. No ankle boots this winter. Go for the knee-high boots, and you’ll be in style.

Dr. Martens are another footwear choice. Anti-fashion non conformists won’t like to admit it, but wearing Dr. Martens is right on trend.


Winter is a great excuse to wear a sweater. When it is not quite warm enough to go without a little something for warmth, yet not cold enough for a coat.

An oversized, cozy sweater is always welcome. Have fun with a fringed sweater, or look more classic with a sweater of a lighter material that can be worn with anything from a slip dress to jeans. Make any sweater on trend by making it neon.

Western Inspiration

Oversized denim jackets and jean jackets are big, with the ‘90’s inspired silhouette of a cropped oversized jean jacket and a women’s version of a bulky men’s denim jacket.

Western cowboy hats will top off any western inspired look! And to finish off the look, western boots, with square toes and white leather, Southwestern style, with an oversized belt buckle.

The 1970’s and the 1980’s are Back

1970’s silhouettes are back, with culottes, blazers, sharply pleated pants, and wide leg jeans, held up with oversized belt buckles.

Plaid is always popular for winter, but ‘70’s plaid is in, making up pants and jumpsuits.

Loose, flowing textures and looks from the ‘70’s are here, along with trench coats.

Neon colours inspired by 1980’s rave culture are trending, with bold colour blocking. The silhouette is boxy, with androgynous designs, and shoulder pads.

Shoulders are the focus of creativity in these ‘80’s looks, be they square, sharp or full of exaggerated volume.

Suit Sets

The latest must have for women are suit sets. These suit sets can be sleek, modern and feminine, or retro, with masculine shoulders.


Capes are both modern and classic, and always chic! Oversized and comfortable, capes can be worn with casual looks or evening wear. Dare to wear a cape and make a statement.


There will be more than just leather jackets this winter. Leather, often faux, will be seen in many forms, from dresses, button up skirts, trousers, and pinafores to wide-leg trousers. And the skirts will be midi-length.

Leopard Print

Leopard prints will be seen everywhere this winter. Not just in the big items like outerwear, skirts, dresses and blouses, but in accessories like scarves. Make it faux leopard, thank you very much!

With these tips, it will be easy for you to be right in fashion for winter!