This Year’s Top 10 Window Styles for Your Home

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With home renovations steadily gaining in popularity, window replacement is one of the biggest and most effective ways to dramatically change the look and feel of your home – both inside and out.

If you’re looking for new windows this year here’s a list of top ten fab styles that will bring new life to your home.

Casement Windows

One of the more popular styles, casement windows use hinges to swing outward with the crank of a handle. Easy to install, they are a clean, neutral fit for any style of home.

Simulated Single-Hung Windows

If you’re interested in a classic look for your home single-hung windows are the way to go. They are lifted upwards to allow air in from the bottom, but the sashes are stationary which can make cleaning more difficult.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows will move up and down from both the upper and lower portions of the unit. They allow for easier adjustment and the sashes lean inward, making cleaning and replacement less of a hassle.

Awning Windows

The design of awning windows is meant to add more natural light into your home. They are top-hinged and swing outward from the bottom, adding a unique look to a home’s exterior.

Horizontal Slider Windows

From the name, you can guess that these windows open and close by moving horizontally along a track. Perfect for larger windows, this design allows for a large amount of airflow, and also looks nice on more modern-style houses. Many sliding windows also come with removable sashes to make cleaning easier.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are made of a large center window surrounded by casement or double-hung windows. They are great for adding a dramatic accent and contour to your home and also increase the amount of sunlight into your room.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows can be a dramatic focal point for the front of your home. They are made with four or more windows joined together in an arc or semi-circle. They are especially popular in breakfast nooks or for a comfy place by the window to read your favourite book.

Stationary Windows

There a few reasons you may not want your windows to open, but one of them may be that you are looking for a particular angle or shape that can only be accomplished if your window remains stationary. For instance, corner windows are a perfect way to add a unique feature to your home even if they lack the functionality of providing fresh air.

Transom Windows

These windows are typically mounted above a door or window to add an interesting look to the primary units. They can either be stationary or able to open and close, depending on what you prefer.

Specialty Windows

Many window supplier and manufactures would be happy to work with you to come up with a unique design for your home. Custom designs can come in a variety of shapes and endless design possibilities.

With so many design options you may not be sure which to choose from. If that’s the case then don’t be afraid to talk to a professional who can offer you the perfect design recommendation for your home.