Keeping Up with this Summer’s Kids’ Fashion Trends

Summer’s Kids’ Fashion Trends

One of the benefits of kids constantly growing is they change clothes about as often as fashion trends change—which can be a blessing in disguise for kids who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

As a parent of a growing child, you’re probably heard ‘I have nothing to wear’ coming from your child who is standing in front of a closet full of clothes. With the way fashion is constantly changing, particularly kids’ fashion, it can be tough to keep your kid’s wardrobe full of clothes they’ll actually be willing to wear.

However, it doesn’t have to be impossible—below is a list of the latest kids’ fashion trends that are totally ‘in’ this summer that your kids will be sure to wear proudly—for maybe a week or two.

Under the Sea

The great thing about this trend is it is gender-neutral—whether you are trying to outfit a boy or a girl, they’ll both be able to flaunt this style that’s totally in this summer.

Girls can wear seashell prints and soft, coral colors and patterns. For boys, it’s all about sharks and tropical, darker colors. And, for parents looking for options that work for both boys and girls, you can go always go with one of the safer marine animal options—turtles.

Tropical Prints

Another gender-neutral trend, this one is for the kids who wish they were spending their summer on the beach. Even though they might not be on a tropical island, they can dress like they are.

Tropical fruit patterns—pineapples, coconuts, and even palm trees, paired with vibrant colors, such as bright reds, dark yellows and light blues.

For kids looking for animal patterns, tropical birds will add a splash of color, all make your backyard feel like a tropical oasis.

Earth Tones

Earth tones never go out of style—they work for boys and girls—and they are great for your kids who like to get down and dirty during playtime.

Light and dark browns, soft oranges, even khakis can be mixed and matched, and the darker browns will hide any stains your kids might attract while playing in the dirt.

Creative Graffiti

Graffiti is totally in right now. Whether you’re looking for a looks from designers like Keith Haring, or looking for repurposed images such as Andy Warhol flowers, or, if your kids are artistically inclined, you can just go with a set of white t-shirts, shorts, and shoes, and let them create their own designs.

They’ll be able to express themselves artistically and keep up with the latest trends.


Yellow has always been a color associated with summer—from fields of dandelions to lemonade stands, to sunny, summer skies, if there’s one color that encapsulates summer, it’s yellow.

This season, yellow is in, from muted mustards to canary brights to pale pastels, you can ‘yellowfi’ your kid’s wardrobe from top to bottom—shirts, pants, swimwear, and even shoe.