The Top 5 Family-Friendly Countries to Visit

The Top 5 Most Visited Countries: Fall Family Trips Ideas

One of the most difficult travel decisions to make is deciding where to go. With every continent accessible by plane, travelers have all the choices in the world (quite literally). It all depends on the type of trip. A fall family trip can arguably the most difficult with so many people to please. But if you won the responsibility to do the preliminary planning, then you get a little more control over where your family ends up.

If you don’t know where to start, here are the top 5 most visited countries in the world and their most popular cities:

1.    France

France takes the top spot for the most visited country in the world with 89 million international visitors per year. The most popular city to visit? Paris, of course. The romantic city is full of cultural hotspots like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. You can take your family on fun fall adventures in Paris visiting the Louvre, climb the Eiffel Tower, and taking photos against the iconic cityscape.

2.    Spain

Coming in second place is Spain. A country rich in history and known for its stunning architecture, you have the choice between relaxing at resort by the beach or visiting all of the cultural hotspots. The most visited city in Spain is beautiful Barcelona. Take your family on a fall family trip visiting the many UNESCO world heritage sites and eat the delicious local food to your heart’s content.

3.    United States

The “land of the free” attracts 80 million international visitors each year. With such a large country such as the United States, there are thousands of places to visit for any fall family trip. The most popular city that attracts the most international visitors, though, is New York City! Places like the iconic Times Square is bustling with locals and tourists alike and is always full of life. Get your tourist gear on and explore the city that Frank Sinatra loved.

4.    China

One the world’s most prosperous countries, China, has spent decades transforming its economy by opening its doors to tourists and trading with other countries. Major cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou have grown to be global financial hubs. The most visited city, Beijing, is the capital of China and attracts about 63 million tourists to the Great Wall and other landmarks like the Forbidden City every year.

5.    Italy

Italy takes the fifth spot with 62 million visitors a year. The Mediterranean country holds centuries of history and is the home of major artists like Michelangelo. The city of Rome attracts the most visitors as one of the most populous European cities. Visit the Colosseum, throw money in the Trevi Fountain, and visit St. Peter’s Basilica for a fall family trip!

Now, the hard part, choosing a country to visit and then deciding on which city to see. Any of these listed choices would be a perfect choice, but remember, you have the whole world to choose from! Make important family memories exploring what the world has to offer.