The Best Smart Home Devices to Automate the Way You Live

The Best Smart Home Devices to Automate the Way You Live

The future is here. You can use your voice to tell a robot what to do in your house without having to move an inch. Turn on or off the lights, change light color, adjust the thermostat, check your front door, the options are endless and more even more smart devices continue to enter the market.

Smart home devices give home owners the convenience and the peace of mind that all of your needs can be met exactly how you want them, wirelessly! Check out the following smart home technology recommendations and outfit your home just as you’d like.

Best Smart Home Hub and Speaker: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

First, you have to choose a robot to get everything done around the home. Amazon’s Echo Dot is an affordable and a good choice to ease into smart home devices.

You can also choose your smart home hub based on the technology your household uses already. Android users and Apple users are better off with their brands smart home hub. But Amazon’s devices are compatible with many third-party companies so you can make your decision based on that.

There are also smart displays that if you need a visual for the status of your commands.

Best Mesh Router: Nest Wi-Fi

Using smart devices around the house needs dependable Wi-Fi, especially if you need to do something in another room. Speed tests show that the Internet connection never break or slow down wandering from room to room. If you have a big house, the Nest Wi-Fi router would be a decent investment.

Best Smart Plug: TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip HS300

Connecting different devices is made easy with smart plugs that come with the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip. Use devices from different platforms with ease and even monitor energy usage for each plug!

Best Smart Thermostat: Ecobee SmartThermostat

Change the temperature at home with your voice. The Ecobee does that and more with its included remote sensor that controls the temperature in any room. If you want to keep the nursery at a certain temperature, but the Ecobee is in the living room, you can use the remote sensor for it to keep the temperature consistent as soon as it changes. Another perk that the Ecobee has over other smart thermostats is that it’s actually an Amazon Echo!

Best Smart Home Security System: SimpliSafe

As homeowners begin to transition into the automated home life, they trade their old security systems to smart systems like SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe is easy to set up and use and the best part is that you can set it up any way you think is best.

A Smart Device for Every Need

Your options for smart devices don’t end there. There are smart refrigerators, vacuums, barbecues, ovens, and the list goes on. Take control of your home with smart technology from anywhere in your home with your voice or with a classic click of a button to get things done. As the smart technology industry booms, more people will be comfortable using their voice to control their living space.