Terrific Tips That Will Help You Clean Dirty, Stained Toilets

toilet cleaning tips

Cleaning a toilet is not a fun weekend chore, but you shouldn’t shirk the responsibility for an easier task. When you put it on the back-burner for another time, it will only be messier and smellier. You can get the bathroom feature sparkling like never before if you follow these terrific tips.

One of the first toilet cleaning tips that you should always follow is scrubbing and disinfecting every surface, not just the bowl. Get the tank, the handle, the rim, the seat and the bottom. Put on a pair of protective rubber gloves and scrub every part with toilet cleaner. You can swap the toilet cleaner for chlorine bleach.

Remember that you should be careful when you use household chemical cleaners. Don’t put toilet bowl cleaner and bleach together. Don’t mix cleaners from two different brands together. These combinations could start chemical reactions that emit toxic fumes that you won’t want to breathe in.

If you’re worried about using a harsh chemical cleaner, you can always use white vinegar to do the job. Anyone who wants to get rid of hard toilet stains can dump a gallon of vinegar into the bowl and then let it sit for several hours. When you come back, you should be able to scrub off the unpleasant stains from the porcelain with a toilet brush. Rinse the mess away with a flush.

When you’re done using a toilet brush, don’t put it back in the container while it’s still soaking wet. The moisture breeds bacteria and makes the whole bathroom smell terrible. Rinse the brush with the water inside the newly-disinfected bowl. Then, let the bristles drip dry by tucking the tool under the seat with the handle sticking outward. When it looks dry, put it into the holder.

Another good tip is to take the opportunity to look for small cracks or breaks in the toilet while cleaning it. There’s no point in having a sparkling toilet that doesn’t work properly.

Tiny toilet leaks can lead to problems like astronomical water bills. You can click here to find out what other plumbing consequences happen when you don’t deal with cracks and breaks when you first spot them.

Another way to find toilet leaks is to remove the lid from the tank and drop a little bit of food colouring into the water. Leave the toilet alone for a half-hour and come back to inspect the bowl. If the water in the bowl is taking on the colour of the dye, there is a fissure in the tank.

Other signs of toilet leaks:

  • Standing water around the base of the toilet
  • Sounds of water filling up the tank long after flushing
  • Water stains on the floor or the ceiling where the toilet sits


A stained and filthy toilet is not a pleasant sight. You shouldn’t be dismayed every time you have to use your bathroom or embarrassed any time a guest uses it. Set aside part of your afternoon to collect your cleaning supplies and get that porcelain shimmering.