Setting Ground Rules For Gymnastics In The House

kids gymnastics

We wall want to encourage our kids to be active. There is no shortage of articles talking about the ill effects of too much screen time, especially on the eyes of kids who may end up spending hours in front of a screen throughout the day.

That being said, you can’t have your kids and their friends bouncing off the walls in the basement, especially if they are into gymnastics. It’s important to encourage our kids to practice their gymnastic moves and routines, but it’s extremely important to set some ground rules first and foremost. Here are some important guidelines to follow, especially if your kids ‘aren’t so little’ anymore.

Set A Physical Space Aside

One of the most important steps is to show the kids where the acceptable ‘play space’ is, and more importantly, where it isn’t. Simply put, not every room in the house is suitable for young kids to practice their summersaults, and the first step to safety is making sure they’re aware of where the safe play space is.

This is especially important for older kids who cover more ground in their gymnastic moves. Kids who are enrolled in intermediate level gymnastics programs are more used to having dedicated space for them, so take the time to make sure all kids participating understand and respect the rules.

Safety Equipment

Depending on how old the kids are and to what degree they are practicing their gymnastics routines, safety equipment may or may not be that important. Ensuring that the ‘play space’ is a safe space is up to parents to determine. Every home is different, but homes with mini trampolines and professional exercise equipment should set clear ground rules regarding safety for doing gymnastics.

Don’t Go Crazy!

This is easier said than done, but essentially need to make sure the kids are calm enough that they’re trying new moves they have never done. This can happen when they’re particularly excited or trying to show off to friends. Of cause, too much sugar can always be a culprit.

Make sure the kids know that it’s ok to do moves they have done before, but home is not the place to try new things. Of course, this rule is easier said than done!

One At a Time

This simple rule can be vitally important to making sure there are no accidents. When two kids perform inverted moves at the same time, in the opposite directions into each other, someone is going to get hurt.

It’s natural momentum that once we leave our feet, there is no way to stop impact if we didn’t see it coming. I’m sure we all have a childhood story about someone we know who lost a tooth or had an accident running into someone else. It’s natural for body collisions to occur, so it’s really important to try and instill the ‘one at a time’ rule.

Group Encouragement

Along the lines of the previous rule, it can be fun to create excitement for those kids watching as well. They can be ‘judges’ or can help set rules to interact. Not everyone is able to participate at the same time, and ensuring that those watching have some purpose can help the whole group get along better.

Setting ground rules and spending time with them to set ground rules can help ensure they know and respect the boundaries. There is a line between encouraging your kids to practice gymnastics moves and making sure they don’t overdo. After all, they are kids!