Quick Improvements to Make to your Yard

Quick Improvements to Make to your Yard

Expecting people over for backyard barbecues or patio parties? Sick of the same old look to your yard? Here are some great and easy backyard DIY and home improvement projects to help you refresh your yard and create the outdoor wonderland you’ve always wanted.

Outdoor Rug

This is an easy and cozy way to add a splash of colour and design to your outdoor setup. If you already have a patio set, a rug can tie it all together to feel like a cohesive space.

Stone Walkway

This is another relatively easy project that requires only some large flat rocks, sand, pebbles, a weed barrier, and some elbow grease. A beautiful, rustic looking walkway will set you up to enjoy your yard from the moment you set foot out the door. For a step-by-step guide, check out this site.


There are many ways to upcycle old materials into conversation-starting planters. In fact, you could use just about anything that you can pack some dirt into. Some great items to use are:

  • Old dresser drawers
  • Painted tin cans
  • Tires
  • Burlap Sacks
  • Glass Jars

Fire Pit

Breath life into your backyard with a DIY fire pit. A beautiful brick or stone structure will look elegant in your yard with Muskoka chairs around it for friends to enjoy the warmth on a chilly summer night. Here’s a guide to creating your own fire pit.


Feel at home outdoors with a pergola over your patio. They may seem difficult to build but with the right plans and directions, you can impress patio guests with a beautifully crafted structure.


Something as simple as a large piece of fabric hanging between a couple trees can turn a backyard into a summer oasis. For a fancier version go for a hammock made of woven rope or thicker fabric and bright colors.


There are many different versions of lights to install in your yard or garden, each with a different aesthetic to spruce up the space. Add rope lights along the edge of your garden to highlight it at night; add lanterns or string lights to your patio or attach them to the pergola for some mood lighting in the evening, or get creative and wrap them around trees for a fairy garden look. Head to your nearby hardware store for a selection of outdoor lights to suit your needs.


Important to enjoying your yard is having the right seating. Rather than buying expensive outdoor furniture, why not build your own wooden frames and fill them out with outdoor cushions? Add colour and handy work to your yard and show-off to guests by inviting them to take a seat on an originally crafted chair.

Wind Chimes

For a little audio ambiance, add windchimes to your backyard. These can be made out of just about any metallic or glass material. String up some painted keys or cans, or buy rounded glass pieces and dangle them from a branch. The beautiful tinkering will add calming white noise to your outdoor wonderland.