Quick and Easy Tips to Keep a Clean Home

mom cleaning tips

Nothing feels better than coming home to a clean house every day. By adopting a few small habits, you could have a neat and tidy house all the time that won’t you be scrambling to clean when unannounced guests arrive. Here are some home cleaning tips that you and your family can take on to keep your home clean, no matter how busy life gets.

The 30-Second Rule

Simple but effective, this rule requires that you immediately do every task that requires 30-seconds or less to complete. See a shirt lying on a chair that could quickly be folded and put away? Don’t put it off—do it right then and there. You’ll notice the small cleaning tasks you usually avoid dwindle away. This trick quickly becomes a habit that will keep your house tidy at all times.

Nightly 10-Minute Clean-Up

Another rule that will quickly becomes an easy habit is the nightly 10-minute clean-up. Get the whole family involved and make it a game—whoever can tidy their toys and room the quickest wins. You’ll be waking up to a clean house for a better start to each day.

Re-Locate Cleaning Supplies

If your washroom needs a quick sprucing up but the cleaning supplies are a floor away, you are less likely to clean the room while you are there. Store cleaning supplies closest to where they are most needed to allow for more spontaneous cleaning.

Roaming Vacuum

To keep your floors clean between regular house cleanings, invest in a roaming vacuum cleaner that you can activate each night to keep your floors looking nice every day. Check out the best that 2019 has to offer on this list.

Floor Mats

Placemats by the doors, sinks, and any high-traffic areas that see a lot of feet to keep the floor looking a little bit nicer.

Make Your Bed

Sounds simple, but making your bed in the morning gets you in the productive mindset and will make other cleaning chores seem like a breeze. Encourage the kids to make their beds every morning too, and watch the bedrooms automatically feel cleaner.

Recycle and Sort Paper Immediately

Coupons you know you won’t look at, old files, scraps of paper that lay around. Get some accordion folders and file cabinets so all papers have a spot where you can locate them easily.


Everything should have its place. Get smart storage systems that allow you to store items in a visible way so you don’t need to go digging through drawers every time you want to find something.

Get the Kids to Help

Cleaning is not just for you but for the kids too! Teach your kids to clean up after themselves by making it fun. Here are some ideas to get your kids in on the cleaning party.

Wash Dishes Regularly

Do your dishes after every meal. Letting the stack grow throughout the day makes it less and less enticing to do the dishes with each passing meal.