Purses and Handbags will Update Your 2020 Look

Purses and Handbags will Update Your 2020 Look

You want to look your best, and be in style, and one way to do that is with the latest style of purse or handbag.

Here are ten purse and handbag styles that are must-haves for 2020:

1. Sling Bags

Sling bags are easy to live with. They go over your shoulder and cross behind or in front of you, on a diagonal. They are large and have room for all those little things you need to carry – and more.

You can express yourself with your sling bag, because this year they will come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. You can show more creativity with the detailing, too, like zippers and purse strap rings made of varied materials, like bronze metal.

2. Crocodile Bags

One of the first things to consider when buying a crocodile bag is whether you want embossed leather or real crocodile leather.

Embossed crocodile is usually cow leather that is printed and finished to look like genuine reptile skin.

Real crocodile leather is softer and more luxurious, and also more delicate. Exotic natural leather like crocodile is more expensive and harder to get, partly because of the certificates necessary for trade and production, and that is reflected in its price.

Crocodile bags come in all shapes and sizes. They are just made with crocodile.

3. Buckles Everywhere

Details are important this year. Details like buckles that make a statement, which can be a subtle or a bold statement. Look for buckles on the front of the purse, on the back of the purse, and all over the purse.

4. Extra Large Totes

Go ahead. Bring the kitchen sink! These bags are huge and hold anything you could possibly want. Just throw it on your shoulder and go.

5. Tiny, Weeny Little Purses

You can’t even fit your phone in them. But you could prepare for a night out with a credit card, lipstick and maybe a piece of gum. They can be made of any material that you like, so they coordinate with your wardrobe, but they must be small.

Maybe not the most practical purse, but cute as anything.

6. The New Bucket Bags

For 2020, the bucket bag still has a flat bottom, and a drawstring, but the bag itself is less structured. These carryalls come with long or short straps, depending on what you prefer. Both are right.

7. Vintage-Looking Florals

Not your grandmother’s purse! 2020 floral purses have flower designs on them that look vintage and come in different shapes and sizes.

8. Clutches

Clutches are slouchy in 2020. Unstructured and soft, but clutches, in materials like velvet and snakeskin.

9. Woven, Natural Fibers

Structured bags of natural fiber-based materials like wicker, raffia and straw bring a touch of the rustic.

10. Non-Traditional Shapes

Something just a little different – guitar case shaped, scallop shell shaped, whatever kind of shape you can think of.

With all of these choices, you are sure to find one that you love!