Nine Ways a Mom can Prepare for Self-Isolation

Nine Ways a Mom can Prepare for Self-Isolation

Nine Ways a Mom can Prepare for Self-Isolation

When you have symptoms of COVID-19 and a health care provider or Public Health has directed you to separate yourself from others-even those you live with-as best you can to stop the spread of the virus, you go into what is called self-isolation.

As a mom, you can’t always separate yourself from your children and it can be difficult for children understand why mommy has to be away from them.

Here are 9 things that a mom can do to prepare for self-isolation:

1. Start with a Stocked Emergency Kit

It is always a good idea to have a stocked emergency kit with essentials like food, medication and personal hygiene items that would sustain you during any emergency like power outages or severe weather, or other natural disasters.

You can take this emergency kit and modify it for self-isolation.

2. Have Age Appropriate Supplies

For babies, be sure to have enough diapers, formula, medication and other essentials.

For older children, have a bunch of their favourite snacks, drinks and non-perishable foods.

3. Maintain a Routine as Best you Can

Stick to regular meal times and bedtimes. If both parents are at home, or working from home, take turns with parenting.

Remember to practice good self-care because your better wellbeing leads to better parenting.

4. Be Truthful

The adults should get reliable information from a trusted source, which will help lessen anxiety.

When speaking about the situation, be truthful in an age-appropriate way, and remember to listen to your children’s fears.

Empathise with, and reduce their fears so that they have more of a sense of control.

5. Help the Children Continue to Learn

With the kids out of school, it will be mom who will help them keep up with their homework. Use any learning material you can get, like books or other materials from a local library, or even online resources.

6. Keep Children Occupied and Having Fun

For children, this is a chance to get in some mommy time! You can assign fun projects and make things with craft supplies. It is a good time for board games and puzzles that are suitable for their age.

7. Have Some Surprises Saved

You are going to be together for a period of time, so you can bring out some small surprises over time. They don’t have to be big. Things like small toys, treats or a new book are a great surprise, and kids love surprises.

8. Spend Some Time Outdoors

Having a back yard to play in is a great way to get outside and yet not come in contact with other people.

This privilege and not open to everyone. For those who don’t have a back yard, if you go outside, follow the direction of public health officials.

9. Take Advantage of Technology

Video chat is a way to keep in touch with family and friends. The whole family can play video games together, or you can watch movies or shows that everyone will enjoy.

If you must self-isolate, make the most of it!