Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

easy mothers day gifts

Remember when every Mother’s Day gift you made for your mother was handmade? Sure, you were just a kid and your whole class would be making something handmade for their mothers, but that didn’t mean that your gift was any less thoughtful. In fact, those macaroni picture frames and hand-painted flower pots had so much of your little personality in them that they made for truly unique gifts meant to be treasured.

Maybe now you’re a mother yourself and you know how fun it is to get a handmade gift. When Mother’s Day comes around, we all have plenty of options for gifts to give the motherly figures in our lives. But what could be better than something that is made by hand with love and that serves a good purpose in the home? That’s where knitted and crocheted gifts come into play.

Handmade Doesn’t Mean Difficult

If you haven’t yet made any knitted or crocheted gifts for anyone, your mother included, then you don’t have to worry. You may be concerned about not being able to produce something of the high quality that you know your mother, grandmother, or aunt can make. However, just click here to learn more and you’ll see how easy it is to find quality yarns online as well as plenty of free patterns for all sorts of knitting and crocheted projects.

Ahead are just some examples of projects from that you can make with your own hands, some yarn, a crochet hook or knitting needles, and a little bit of patience. You’re guaranteed to make something unique for your beloved mother figure and you get to reap the soothing benefits of knitting for pleasure.

easy mothers day gifts

Floral Knit Fridgies

When you make these little floral accents, you can give the gift of some truly adorable and unique fridge magnets that brighten up the kitchen. The pattern is easy to make and you can mix up the colours to create your own bouquet that can be gifted or given as a lovely complement to another item.

Pot Holders and Dishcloths

To brighten up your mother’s kitchen, why not make her a unique pot holder and dishcloth set that works as a serving setup for pouring tea? With a crochet hook and Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn in different shades of pink (or any colorway you like), you can make this easy-to-follow pattern that results in a durable item that will last for years to come.

You can wash this creation in the washing machine, meaning it doesn’t require any special care or delicate treatment. You can make it complement your mother’s current kitchen set or pick some colors that you know will look great.

easy mothers day gifts

Tote Bag

Have you started crocheting your own accessories yet? If you’re not yet aware of the big, wide world of crocheted tote bags then your gift-giving game might be about to change for good. With the soft and smooth Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn and a pattern that’s suited for beginners, you can create a tote bag with excellent stitch definition and fun texture.

Give a lovely tote bag for Mother’s Day and you can even take the opportunity to fill it with some other products like soaps, chocolates, or even more yarn if your mother knits or crochets. These gifts are practical, fun to make and have a unique look that anyone would appreciate.