Moms Will Want to Include These Healthy Foods in Their Kids Meal Plans

Moms Will Want to Include These Healthy Foods in Their Kids Meal Plans

Moms are always following healthy food trends so that they can provide the best nutrition for their kids, and teach them good eating habits.

Here are five trending healthy foods and meal plan ideas for kids that moms will approve!

1. Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is not about specific foods or diet, but is part of a beneficial relationship with all foods and a sensible way of eating.

It is about focussing on the food that you are eating, without being distracted by phones, TV or anything else that can steal your attention. Being aware of everything you put in your mouth can aid in losing weight and keeping it off.

2. Chickpeas

Chickpeas provide both fibre and protein, as well as B vitamins, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphate, potassium and zinc.

Chickpeas are very versatile. Most people are familiar with hummus, but chickpea flour is becoming more popular because it can be used as an alternative to regular flour in for gluten-free baking, and chickpeas can even be used for chickpea pasta!

The neutral flavour and high nutrition of chickpeas make them ideal for children. You can add flavours that your kids will eat.

They can be part of the 2 to 7 ounces of low-fat food from the meat and beans food group that children should have each day.

3. Non-Dairy Milks

The popularity of non-dairy milks continues to grow, and is currently 13% of the overall milk retail market in the US. Almond and soy are old favourites, but oat milk is becoming the current favourite.

Be sure to opt for the healthier unsweetened variety and one that is fortified with calcium to meet children’s need for at least one serving of milk per day.

4. Plant-Based “Meat”

Plant-based meats are a trend for more than just health reasons. Other reasons include sustainability and animal welfare.

Meat alternatives such as the Beyond Burger appeal to carnivores who wish to cut down on their meat consumption. Vegans aren’t really the target market. Most of them are already eating black bean patties and don’t feel the need to pretend that they are meat.

If you are looking to provide something healthier for kids, then you are best to stick with patties that have vegetables in them and so less saturated fat and cholesterol.

Watch out for patties that have oils like coconut that have as much saturated fat as beef burgers. Beware high sodium as well.

Homemade meatless burgers can contain whole foods like rice, beans and mushrooms, while the latest meatless burgers can contain a whole list of engineered ingredients like soy protein concentrate and thickeners like methylcellulose. Safe, but very processed.

Meat alternatives can be a better choice if you are going to a fast-food restaurant. It can help to reduce red meat consumption, and yet provide similar levels of iron and protein to ground beef, which kids need, without the cholesterol.

Adopting these food trends will be good for the whole family!