Look Great and Save Money with These Fall Fashion Tips for Women

fall fashion tips

If you are looking for what is trending this fall, you have come to the right place! We’ve listed the top trends and newest styles, and where to buy them. Here’s how to look great and save money:


Handbags are making a statement this fall. Depending on your lifestyle needs, there are handbags that can hold only lipstick or handbags that are a huge tote that you can throw everything into. There is no in-between.

Update hats to complete your outfit. Bucket hats trend in and out, and this season, the update is luxury, with fluffy faux fur that makes these hats perfect for fall.


There are three colours to look for this fall:

“Millennial Purple”, a light shade of purple like lavender that can be worn head to toe for a monochromatic look or worked into your look through accessories.

Yellow, but not just any yellow. Sunny yellow and yolk yellow. Brighten up your fall whether you include a touch of yellow in your outfit or make it an all-over colour for your outfits.

Used alone or with other earthy tones, beige is never boring. It is trending and yet is still classic.

Consignment Stores:

Save money at consignment stores, where you can find second-hand clothing and designer labels. Toronto has a variety of them, including VSP, Fashionably Yours and Consign Toronto.


Capes are the “must-have” outerwear item this fall. They are ideal for fall because they are cozy and can provide warmth if needed, and yet are not overly heavy.

Off-Price Retailers:

Winners and Marshalls stores offer a large selection of affordable clothing, including the best prices on contemporary labels and they feature clearance items.


Feathers are the most eye-catching and whimsical trend of the fall season, and they were presented in a variety of ways. As a delicate trim for dresses, or as an extravagant ostrich trim on jeans, just to name two.

Fast Fashion Retailers:

Fast fashion retailers feature clothing right from runway trends. Zara, Forever 21 and H&M are fast-fashion retailers that present designer inspired clothing for a lot less.

Longline Looks Create Long Silhouettes

Skirts, dresses and even coats this season have longline hems that go all the way down to the ankles. The coats are made of heavy wool that is great for the lowering temperatures of fall. Unlike lightweight dusters, they are structured, making them more dramatic. Another way to make a statement!

Power Shoulders Return from the ’80s

The silhouette this fall is wide shoulders with a slim waist. The shoulders are not padded but the exaggerated details on the shoulders give the appearance of broadness. Look like you mean business!

#4 Fashion Retailers

That’s right!  Fashion retailers. Nordstrom Rack offers all the contemporary and designer labels that it’s owner, Nordstrom is famous for, but with some markdowns that make designer labels more affordable.

Enjoy being in style for less this fall!