Italians Design It Better — Refurnish Your Dining Room in Style

Italians Design It Better — Refurnish Your Dining Room in Style

It’s the end of summer and you’re planning a big dinner party. You’ve invited your friends, coworkers, your partner’s friends and coworkers — it occurs to you that perhaps you don’t have enough chairs or even a table big enough to accommodate everyone!

Not only that, but you’ve noticed that some of your dining room chairs have definitely seen better days. It’s been years since you’ve updated your dining room, and maybe this dinner party is the sign you’ve been waiting for to do it.

You’ll want to invest in furniture pieces that match your creativity and lifestyle, as well as convey elegance and sophistication. For exclusive and artisanal-made furniture stop by and discover the advantages of buying European pieces.

They are a high-end European furniture supplier who offers door-to-door shipping with UPS and a two-week delivery policy from Italy. When you start to revamp your dining room, you’re going to want to go with sleek, European design — products that are made with passion and come from decades worth of tradition and craftsmanship.

Take a look at these incredible European furniture brands. Once they are invited into your beautifully designed dining room, your dinner guests won’t want to leave.


Emu has been making elegant indoor and outdoor furniture for over 65 years. Based in Italy, the brand has perfected the art of creating furniture that combines tradition and technological innovation. The raw materials used include metal, aluminum, teak, steel mesh ash wood, and more. Designed for practicality, Emu chairs and tables easily stack and fold.

Take a look at some of their interesting chairs. With playful names such as “mom” and “star,” you can tell that the designers place intelligent creativity in everything they do.

Dal Segno Design

Founded in the northeastern region of Italy, Dal Segno Design takes a modern approach to classic Italian design. The concept is to bring high-tech materials, innovative technologies and updated versions of classic design together to create high quality and comfortable furniture. Dal Segno Design regularly participates in the Salone del Mobile in Milan and is well known in Europe and throughout the globe.

Dal Segno likes to take a classic, elegant Italian design and revamp it with a contemporary and clever switch. Take a look at these classic 1950s Italian design icons for some decorating inspiration, and to see why designers such as Dal Segno like to reflect on a beautiful design from previous decades.


Ethimo is an Italian brand that carries both indoor and garden furniture. The breathtaking colours and shapes of the Italian landscape inspire this brand’s designs.

Ethimo’s artistic values are inspired by Mediterranean culture, the timeless architecture, its enchanting fragrances, and the everyday customs of the Italian people; a well-balanced mix of beauty, nature, culture, and tradition.

You can gain a sense of its devotion to nature and the Mediterranean landscape and how they’re such design inspirations by browsing through these images of romantic Italian rooms.

For your late-summer dinner party, don’t settle for a conventional dining set. Impress your friends with Italian luxury!