Ideas for a Beautiful Winter Wedding

Even if the weather outside is frightful you can still make your winter wedding absolutely delightful. There’s an abundance of inspiration out there when it comes to weddings. Here are some of the best ideas for creating the most enchanting of winter weddings.

Nothing Beats the Cold Like Some Warm, Delicious Food

A good or bad meal can make all the difference. Every other aspect of your wedding could be perfect, but if the food is subpar, your guests won’t forget it and their whole experience will be tarnished. To ensure that your guests are well-fed and feeling warm after their meal, consider a menu with hearty foods like tomato soup, baked potatoes, roasted root vegetables, and other seasonal fares.

Caterers like The Food Dudes have just what you need for your winter wedding – check this out. Not only do they offer pre-selected menus, but they will also help you create a custom one with their Wedding Caterer Specialists.

Winter Wonderland Décor

Fresh green pine needles and rustic-brown pinecones are just one of the ways you can decorate your magical winter wedding. You might also want to consider going for a pure white palette, using bare white branches accented with crystals. If your wedding is closer to Christmas, why not do a themed wedding, utilizing reds and greens, and anything from plaid to mistletoe?

Can’t decide? There’s plenty of inspiration available online to help get your creativity flowing.

Frosty Invites

winter wedding ideas

Want to give your guests something to look forward to? Well, don’t overlook the wedding invitation – it’s a great way to set up your wedding theme. Choosing the right design can make all the difference when sending out your wedding invites. No one would overlook beautiful invites like these – guests may even keep them as a memento of the winter-inspired event.

Dress to Impress

You are the Queen (or King) of your Winter Wonderland, and you’ll want to look the part – but also keep warm. Especially if you are taking photos outside, you and your wedding party will need to layer up and consider using long johns or thermal underwear. Other options include long-sleeve dresses or faux-fur wraps.

Some brides have even opted to wear winter-appropriate footwear for their special event. Comfort aside (though a very important consideration) your look should complement the décor and vice versa. Keep to a certain colour palette for both your décor and your wedding party, and consider including elements from the décor into the bouquets and boutonnières.

Enchant Your Guests with a Magical Entrance

You wouldn’t be the only one to dream of arriving at your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage; the snow wistfully drifting as you descend, sharply dressed in elegant winter-inspired wedding attire. If you’d rather do something more traditional and inside a venue, look into using white draping, either on the ceiling or as an archway to make it look as though you are entering through a veil of snow. Another lovely idea is to create an archway of bare branches that are accented by little white lights taking on the appearance of snowflakes.

With so much inspiration to pull from, you have all the tools you need to create your perfect winter wedding.