How to Pack with Your Kids for Vacation

packing for vacation mom tips

Family vacations are exciting but can also be a little stressful when you are trying to balance packing up everyone for your upcoming trip. Packing with children can be an obstacle, especially when you still have yourself to pack for.

Packing your kids’ suitcases doesn’t need to be a tedious or stressful task, it can actually be a fun learning lesson! Kids love to learn new things so instead of taking over for them, so work with them to pack their suitcase.

Plus, if you and the kids are packing all together everyone can help each other out, and everyone gets their packing done at the same time! This way, no one is left last minute packing and that nothing gets carelessly forgotten.

Use these tips next time you head on a vacation to make packing with your kids a lot easier:

Get Them Involved

You’re not going to pack your kids’ bags for the rest of their lives — they have to learn at some point. Of course, kids need some assistance to make sure that they have everything they need and that everything is packed neatly — but make sure they are involved in the process. Share some of your packing tricks that you’ve accumulated over the year with them.

packing for vacation mom tips

Make a Checklist

Encourage your kids to make a list of everything they need to pack to use as a guideline. Check the list (and check it twice) to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything. Making a checklist is a foolproof method to pack enough of everything you need.

Pack for the Ride

Whether you are driving, flying or training your kid will need a bag to keep on hand to occupy themselves for the trip. Encourage them to pick at least two things they can bring to keep them occupied, whether that be a book and a video game console or a puzzle book and an iPad.

It’s important for them to choose what to pack because what they choose will determine how busy they can keep themselves on the way to your destination.

Plan Out Outfits

Encourage your kid to plan out outfits for the two of you to then pack away. A good packing tip is to make two outfits with every bottom you pack.

If you decide on what your kid wears, that may cause them to be stubborn or grouchy on the trip. To ensure they are comfortable on the trip, give them the power to plan their outfits.

Have Them Watch You Pack

The best way for your kid to learn how to pack is to watch someone else do it! Walk your child through your process so that they can pick up some of the strategies you’ve formed over years of travelling.

packing for vacation mom tips

Get a Sibling to Help

It’s a challenge to pack for yourself and the rest of your family so get the help of your eldest child! If they are comfortable packing for themselves, when they are done, have them help their younger siblings who may be struggling.