How Legalization is Changing Society’s Attitudes towards Cannabis

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The legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis has caused a tremor of transformation in society, both to the business community, which is embracing a major new industry which essentially sprouted out of nowhere and to social attitudes at large.

People who were under the influence of the stigma formerly attached to marijuana have come to realize that, actually, it’s just a plant that can cause joy and provide meaningful relief to people. Let’s look at how society’s attitudes towards cannabis are changing, as seen in terms of changing etiquette at private gatherings and pot consumption in the public sphere.

Marijuana at Parties

If you’re hosting a dinner party or a get-together, assume that people will consume cannabis — it’s the new norm. Just like with alcohol, there are certain things you should consider to cater to people who enjoy cannabis.

You can serve cannabis the same way hosts offer guests beer, wine or spirits. But what strain of cannabis, and by what method will you facilitate them ingesting it? Many people are new to these kinds of considerations, and even asking the questions feels funny, never mind implementing the answers. But this is all a part of being a good host in a changing era.

Try having a hybrid or a Sativa strain, as these tend to be more conducive to being social than the “couch-lock” daze you tend to get from Indicas. Even seasoned smokers may feel unsure about the etiquette around cannabis in someone else’s home, so make sure that people feel comfortable.

Guests need to know what strain and how much of it they’re consuming, especially when it comes to edibles, where determining the quantity of THC by merely looking is impossible to gauge. This may be the first time you consider cannabis in this way, so click here to learn more because many people are navigating similar questions for the first time. Don’t feel uncomfortable around the changing attitudes about marijuana at parties: it’s all about safety and fun!

Marijuana in Public

Now, public facilities need to have formal rules about where people can and cannot consume cannabis. The laws vary according to jurisdictions. There are Canadian provinces where you are allowed to smoke pot anywhere you can currently smoke cigarettes, but always comply with the laws in your region.

Don’t feel reluctant to partake in an activity that is perfectly legal just because they’re used to be a stigma around it. However, even where pot is legal there are places you’re not allowed to consume it, such as schools, hospitals, and others. If you’re at all unsure if consuming cannabis is OK in a certain place, just ask.

Cannabis was demonized by generations of politicians for their own political reasons that had nothing to do with the plant itself — now, society’s attitudes are finally in line with what cannabis actually is. While the adjustment may feel jarring or odd, it’s necessary to change with the times. Cannabis is both important medicine and a great source of pleasure, and legalization is proof that it’s here to stay.