Fun Winter Activities to Try with Your Family Over the Winter Holidays!

Fun Winter Activities to Try with Your Family Over the Winter Holidays!

The winter holidays can be a busy time of gatherings, travelling, and running around making sure you have everything ready for all the events happening in the two-week span. But the children don’t understand the urgency and busyness of preparing. They start to catch cabin fever as their tablets run out of battery and as they try their best not to whine while you’re checking off items on your list.

That means it’s time to remember one of the best parts of the winter holidays: spending quality time with your family. In your busy day-to-day schedules, it’s hard to have a set time where the entire family can bond. The perfect time should be when everyone’s off school and work!

So, take a break from holiday preparation and try some of these fun winter activities!

Winter Arts and Crafts


Snowflake Competition

Put the tablets away and your phone too and gather paper, scissors, and string. Then challenge each other to make the coolest snowflake to hang around the house. Even though snowflakes are white, use colors to make your snowflake even more unique – but try to avoid making it yellow!

Winter Mural

Get a large piece of paper that’s long enough to for every person to have their own section. Then everyone can draw in their sections and make a winter mural! Once everyone’s done, reveal the mural to see how everyone’s parts look together.

Simple Outdoor Winter Activities

Not everyone can find the time and the budget to go on a ski trip. Instead you can try some of these ideas:

Color the Snow

Fill spray bottles with water and add food coloring to it. For younger children, they can practice learning their letters by writing them in the snow with their spray bottles. For everyone else, add your unique, colorful touch!


Go classic and dash throw the snow. You might not have a one-horse open sleigh, but a simple sled or toboggan can do. Get active and have fun sliding down a hill and then climbing back up to do it all over again before daylight ends at 4 PM.

Yummy Treats

Coffee Date

We all know that going for a coffee doesn’t just mean going for a coffee. It’s about bonding over a hot drink. Set up four mugs and lay out your selection of instant drinks – hot chocolate, tea, coffee – with all the fixings like sugar, cream, and marshmallows on the side. Boil some water and make the drinks together as a family and then share funny stories or something you’ve learned recently to each other.

Additionally, you can bring out the tablets and share your current favorite Internet videos and see who shares the funniest one.

Build a Gingerbread House

Take the classic gingerbread house and give it a twist. Try and recreate gingerbread houses that you find on the Internet, Nailed It style. Split into teams, get everything ready, set a timer, and go! Whoever’s the most successful gets to eat the treat first.

Don’t forget the other classic winter fun like making a snowman and snow angels!