Enjoy Modern Splendour in the 2020 Aviator

2020 Aviator

Lincoln’s reputation for high-end luxury was established well before the existence of the internet, and now that the world has this dazzling new technology, luxury SUVs like the three-row seven-seat Lincoln Aviator have them too. Not only that, but the cameras and sensors in this vehicle make driving a much more comfortable and safer experience.

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Choice of Drive Modes

When you’re behind the wheel of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, you can choose a driving mode to suit the conditions of the terrain, or even just your mood. All you need to do is turn a knob in the driver’s console, and you can alter suspension settings, steering, shift points and even ride heights.

The available Air Glide Suspension keeps you in control by replacing traditional hard coil springs with air bladder springs, which can be deflated or inflated to soften your ride. The Aviator Grand Touring offers two additional modes. Pure EV gives drivers a quiet all-electric drive, while Preserve EV saves stored energy for later.


Innovations Galore

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is the recipient of many first-time technological offerings from the famous luxury automaker. For example, there’s available pixel LED headlamps which allow drivers a high degree of control and adaptability for different driving situations.

Phone As A Key technology allows drivers to leave their fob at home — now, they can lock and unlock their vehicle with their smartphone, and can even turn the engine on and off. In the event that your phone runs out of battery, you just enter backup codes to unlock and turn on your vehicle.

Real music lovers can even get a Revel® Ultima 3D Audio System with no less than 28 speakers located strategically throughout your Aviator. There’s also a 4G W-Fi in the vehicle itself, so everybody can connect to the internet without using up their data.


Safety First

The Aviator is loaded with a suite of advanced safety features known as Lincoln Co-Pilot360, which effortlessly protects everybody in the vehicle and even outside of it. Evasive Steering Assist uses cameras and sensors in the vehicle to detect if there’s a risk of a collision ahead — if there is, the vehicle itself will activate the brakes so drivers can safely steer around the obstacle.

Reverse Brake Assist works like this, only it comes into effect when the vehicle is moving backwards. Exit your parking space or back out of driveways more confidently, especially because the vehicle is equipped with rear-view cameras that act like eyes in the back of your vehicle.

With Blind Spot Detection and Parking Assist, you won’t believe how advanced modern technology makes driving a smoother experience in day to day situations.

Lincoln has been synonymous with sumptuous luxury for decades. Now that technology has taken off in the last few years, the automaker has incorporated these modern advancements into its longstanding ethos to create a truly spectacular vehicle like the 2020 Lincoln Aviator.