Build a Home Library with Solid Wood Shelves

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There’s no question that solid wood furniture is a good investment, and if you’ve ever dreamt of building your own personal library at home, there’s no better look available than custom-made solid wood shelves.

Solid wood bookshelves will not only hold your treasured book collection, but they’ll last for generations with proper care. They can also be finished to suit a home’s décor. Solid wood bookshelves from a company with a reputation for customization and excellence will allow you to build the home library of your dreams.

If you don’t quite own a book collection that necessitates that a whole room of your house be dedicated to books, remember – bookshelves are not only for books. There are actually many advantages of adding bookshelves to your home – for example, they’re great for helping you to keep your space organized. Tucking a shelf of family photos among your books can free up valuable wall space in small homes and apartments.

Solid wood bookshelves can be freestanding or mounted to walls. Shopping around online for what’s available is a wise decision, and if you click here you can get a list of some of the most beautiful examples of solid wood furniture available, as well as information on their multitude of uses.

mom home improvement

Choosing handcrafted solid wood furniture will make your home feel warmer. If you prefer a more modern look, custom made wood bookshelves in your choice of paint or stain can compliment your décor. It’s also possible to purchase custom-sized bookshelves to fit your particular available spaces.

If you like an antique or an old fashioned look to your home, that style is easy to achieve with custom solid wood furniture. An antique look is just one of many options that can allow you to make your bookshelves signature pieces. Open shelving, glass doors, a combination of shelves and doors, or a built-in solid wood bookcase are all options for keeping your books safe in the particular style that suits your home best.

Along with the type of bookshelves you’re interested in, it’s important to consider placement. Your books and your solid wood furniture are equally affected by their environment. Keeping them out of direct sunlight is a must, as it bleaches the wood and your book covers. You’ll also want to avoid keeping any solid wood furniture away from either drying heat or too much moisture. Books, like solid wood, require proper placement in the home and care.

Choosing the right bookshelves for your home is vital. Make sure you work with a trusted solid wood furniture company. A company with a history of customization and guaranteed shipping is important. A trusted company can provide you with the information you need to maintain your bookshelves and even help you to ensure they remain signature pieces of furniture for future generations.

If you’ve always had the dream to build your own personal library out of solid wood bookshelves, there’s no reason to wait. Contact a company that can handcraft your dream library for you!