Bad Eating Habits Moms Fall Into

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Motherhood is a job that comes with a list of responsibilities that never ends. Making sure your children are well fed and eat at an appropriate time is crucial — no one likes being hangry. The thing about having this kind of a busy schedule as a mother though is that your meals are sacrificed.

Of course, there are sacrifices that come with being a parent, but it’s important to look after yourself too. After all, the better you treat yourself and your body the longer you will be able to be a guide for your children. It’s key to avoid burnout.

Moms tend to consistently fall into poor eating habits by forgetting to eat or not eating well, out of the misconception that putting their health last will help their children. The right intention is there, but we are here to show you how you can maintain your old healthy eating habits while providing still for your children:

Eating Your Kids’ Leftovers

You don’t need to be the garbage can for the food your children don’t finish. Oftentimes moms pick off their kids’ plate and end up not having a full meal themselves. It’s a habit many moms fall into that is easily avoidable. Instead, package up their leftovers so they can have it as a snack the following day and make a fresh meal for yourself!

Eating What Your Kids Eat

Especially when your kids are younger, they will have a simple pallet that will likely involve blander foods. Don’t feel like you have to eat what your kids are eating, make yourself a little something different.

If your kids are having chicken fingers and salad, use some of the salad and add some fruit and protein to make a meal that’s a little better suited to your mature tastes.

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Skipping Breakfast

This is a tricky habit to break when you’re always in a rush with your kids in the morning. That being said, make an easy to-go breakfast to grab while you’re on your way out with your kids.

You can make smoothies the night before or do overnight oats so that you can still eat in the morning without sacrificing any time.

Eating While Standing

Motherhood is a job that has you constantly moving, but it’s important to sit down once in a while. When you stand and eat you tend to scarf down your food and not really get the chance to enjoy it. You deserve time to sit and actually enjoy your meal. This is something that is important you find time for. Enjoy your eating experience instead of standing in front of the fridge eating cold leftovers.

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Eating After Your Kids

We aren’t suggesting you put your meal before your kids’, but we are saying that it’s important to make your meal time a priority. We hear time and time again how bad it is for your digestion to eat late, yet mothers always put off their meals until their children have eaten and are settled. Instead, when you are preparing food for your children try to start a little earlier so that you can all sit down together to eat.