A Minimalist’s Guide to the Holidays

A Minimalist’s Guide to the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the time where your poor bank account begs you to stop charging things on it. The holidays are exciting with decorations everywhere, songs about snow and sleighs, and just all the joy people spread to each other. Holiday traditions with family rarely change – there’s a family dinner probably with a turkey and presents under a tree.

But people have been slowly changing the holiday game with impromptu vacations and present-less gatherings. Cash strapped young people must make do with what they have and cut some corners with their holiday plans. If you’re in the same sleigh, you might be wondering just how to limit your holiday spending.

Here are some ideas to save money this holiday season:

Fly Away

Looking at your to-do list for the holidays can overwhelm you and your bank account. But, if you’re okay with being away from your family and friends, you can dip into your travel budget this year and go on vacation.

Vacation? Doesn’t that cost money?

Vacations do cost money, but think of it as a present to yourself – you’ll be enjoying your experience in a different part of the world without the stress of having to sit at the dinner table with your relatives who love to bring up controversial topics at the table.

You don’t have to fly across the ocean, but you can choose a simpler vacation to another city close by. Then on your trip, you can buy souvenirs as presents for your friends and family, which are more cost-effective than a fancy present for each person on your list!

Experiential Celebrations

Spend less on your holiday by planning group events that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Instead of buying each of your friends an individual present, relieve everyone’s stress and plan a party.

Instead of the usual party with expensive drinks and dishes, have a pot luck and play holiday-themed games or make some kind of DIY craft together. The pot luck will cut costs since everyone will be responsible for a dish. Rather than just open presents together, add to the fun with challenges and crafts. Have a gingerbread house competition, make ornaments, see who can chug the most eggnog.


Take matters into your own hands and make your gifts. Don’t fall into the “handmade gifts are just for cheap people” idea, a personalized gift says a lot more than a generic gift. For less crafty people, stick to making cards. Go old school with construction paper and try to make something you never could make in elementary school. More crafty people can use their talent to make more challenging gifts.

And if you still think your handmade gift isn’t enough, you can always give a gift card along with it!

The Holidays Aren’t About Money

Don’t get bombarded by all of the shopping ads on your social media. Go back to the root of the holidays and spread your love and joy instead!