5 Ways Moms Can Make Money from Home

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Being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job. It’s busy, it’s rewarding, it’s fun, and it can be physically draining — but it’s not always monetarily profitable.

It’s incredible to be at home with your children, but sometimes when they are at school it’s fun to engage in hobbies. In fact, these hobbies can actually be a fun way for you to make some extra money!

Make your home your office and try your hand at some of these jobs that allow you to set your own schedule. These flexible jobs will ensure that you still have time to cook and help with homework, all while getting some work done:

stay at home mom jobs ideas


Mommy blogs have become an increasingly popular trend over the years as they are a monetary outlet for moms to write about their experiences. Who better to provide advice for moms than experienced moms themselves?

Google AdWords and sponsorships have made it possible for moms to write about everything mommy and parenting related, and actually, make some money while at it! Whether you’re reviewing products or providing a timely newsletter on a weekly basis, sponsorships with brands and companies make it possible for writing online to be a viable and profitable hobby or even career in many cases.

stay at home mom jobs ideas


Moms are accustomed to communicating with kids, which makes them perfect for tutoring! Tutoring kids is a great way to make money while using your house as an office. You can tutor primary ages, high schoolers, or even provide assistance to those studying post-secondary or adult courses. You set the time and the fees, and your student will come to you! It’s a win-win situation.

stay at home mom jobs ideas


In the same vein as tutoring, make your home your office by having your clientele come to you! Babysitting not only has a monetary return but can make things a lot more interesting at home.

If you’re busy at home with your 5-year-old, why not babysit a child in the same age range? You can encourage your kid to socialize and play with others, and the child you’re babysitting will have someone to spend their time with! Parents will love this as they will know their kid isn’t alone when you are babysitting them

stay at home mom jobs ideas

Freelance Work

There are a wide variety of websites on the internet where employers post freelance projects. You can use Fiverr, a website where you can do tasks ranging from designing a logo to writing social media posts for a fixed price. A similar site is Upwork, where freelancers and companies both can post what they need to be done, or what they are willing to offer.

The opportunities are endless, and you can do it on your own time from the comfort of your home. There are freelance sites for specific niches whether you do graphic design, write, or social media.

stay at home mom jobs ideas

Start an Online Store

Sites like Etsy and Shopify make it easy to create and run your own store! Whether you want to make candles or custom T-Shirts, you can sell whatever you want. Make your home your studio and start sharing your product. It’s easy to open social media accounts for new businesses, which means you can start promoting yourself right away!