5 Things You Probably Never Knew about Lobster

Lobster isn’t just delicious, it’s a fascinating animal and so is the culture that’s developed around it. You might think you know everything there is to know about your favourite shellfish, but here are five facts guaranteed to challenge even the most capable lobster fan.

There’s a Law Against Lobster

It’s a big joke around the great state of Maine that there’s a law that forbids a prison to feed its inmates lobster for too many days in a row. As unbelievable as it sounds, there was a time when the king of all shellfish was so plentiful in New England that it was given to prisoners and considered poverty food. That was before the rest of the world started to grow a fondness for lobster in the early 20th century.

Even Alive, the Longer It Sits, the Worse It Gets

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You might think that the best lobster available to you is served at your local seafood restaurant but chances are that any lobster they’ll serve you has been sitting around in a tank for months. A lobster that is away from the ocean water, even when kept alive in a saltwater tank, eventually loses weight under its shell. When this happens, the meat shrinks and becomes tougher and less flavorful when cooked.

You Can Get the Freshest Lobster Delivered to Your Door

If you want to eat lobster at its absolute best, then your best option is to click here to order it as quickly as live lobster can be shipped from the ocean to your door. Cooking lobster yourself is the only way to ensure that the meat hasn’t shrunk so that it’s as tender as it can come and will also retain all of its rich flavors.

The Famous Blue Lobster

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It’s a rare phenomenon but occasionally a blue lobster is found in a trap. Usually, these special creatures get set aside and get to live out their long lives as a tourist attraction in a local aquarium or restaurant, rather than get boiled up and served. If you’re taking a trip to New England, keep an eye out for the famous blue lobsters!

Lobsters Mate for Life

One of the most charming facts about lobster is that they pair up with a mate and stay together for their entire lives. If you’ve heard of any of these facts before, it’s probably this one since it was mentioned on an episode of the TV show Friends. Now that it’s more widely known, the lobster has become a metaphor for a strong romantic connection.

Finally, the final fact you should know about lobster is probably the most well-known: it’s absolutely delicious! So while you’re contemplating all of the things that make the lobster such an amazing animal and such a delicious delicacy, go ahead and place an order for your next lobster feast. At the high-speed rate that lobster shipping companies operate today, you’ll be eating an unmatched seafood meal before you can finish this sentence!