5 Rainy Day Activities Kids Will Love

rainy day activities for kids

On rainy days spent indoors, it doesn’t take long for the kids to get restless—but being inside doesn’t have to be a bore! Keep the little ones entertained and playing on indoor days with these five rainy day activities kids are sure to love.

Make the treat an edible craft by picking something the kids can decorate themselves. Marshmallow monsters are a great opportunity to get the kids’ craft and creative time in and to end up with fun little sweets at the end. Use marshmallows that you can pop on a stick and dip the top in coloured melted chocolate. Set out sprinkles, candy eyes and other decorative foods so the kids can design their monsters as they want.

Hide and Seek

This classic game is perfect for a rainy day. Get the kids roaming around the whole house so they won’t feel so cooped up by the weather, letting them expend a little energy in the process. Join in for some fun time sneaking around the house with your little guys, but be sure to close and lock doors to off-limit areas in case the kids get a bit too adventurous.


Enjoy some time teaching your little ones to bake. They will love to mix ingredients like scientists, get their hands dirty in the dough, all while looking forward to a yummy treat at the end.

Make a Play

Get your kids using their creativity to come up with an idea for a play. Create costumes with household items and hang some sheets over a doorway as curtains. Create invitations and tickets for all who will be attending the play—which could be you or stuffed animals to line up as the audience. Take a look at this article for more information on how to create a play with your kids.

Treasure Hunt

This is an activity in which kids will love to be both the seeker and the hunt-maker. It will keep them entertained for hours! Pick a toy that marks the end of the hunt. Make up a story about why the kids have to find the toy: did the dog steal it away? Did the toy wander around and get lost? Get in on the fun by helping them create the hunt or by doing it yourself.

Have a Tea Party

If it’s time for an afternoon snack, a tea party is a great way to keep the kids entertained. Make invitations for each kid that invites them to the tea party and asks for their help in setting it up. Have them help make little sandwiches and cut them into fun shapes. Get a teapot and fill it with tea, juice or water—as long as it is poured into a teacup it doesn’t matter! Set a blanket on the floor like a picnic for an extra fun element. After the food is gone, play cards or board games to keep the party going.