5 of the Best Weekday Meals for a Busy Family

5 of the Best Weekday Meals for a Busy Family

Between getting to and from work, dropping the kids at school and then to all their after-school activities, it’s hard to think about what to make for dinner every day. Everyone needs to eat and they need lunch for the next day and you know you can’t always feed them fast food. What you need are recipes that are yummy, have minimal ingredients, little prep, and have a short cooking time.

Thanks to the chefs of the Internet, there are all kinds of recipes that fit your requirements including more tips on keeping the family healthy. The following recipes are just a tiny fraction of the family-friendly meals suggested online. Leave it to the professionals and try out their recipes on your family. Here are five recipes with different mains that will satisfy at least one of your family members and will help you feed your family every day of the week!

1.    The Pasta Dish – Ham and Cheese Tortellini

You can’t go wrong with picky eaters and this creamy ham and cheese pasta dish. The hardest part of this recipe is prepping the ingredients – chopping, mincing, measuring and all that. Then you add all the ingredients to your skillet and stir the cheesy pasta dish and voila, you’re done!

2.    The Chicken Dish – Buffalo Chicken Crunchwrap

With a ten-minute prep time, these crunchwraps will be easy to make and yummy to eat. You can make your own supreme chicken crunchwrap. Wrap, cook, and serve these easy-to-make crunchwrap that include ingredients from every food group!

3.    The Beef Dish – Beef and Broccoli Buddha Bowl

This beef dish takes a little longer to make just because you have to make sure the steak is cooked enough – there’s a time and place for raw beef, but not for this meal. Get your protein and vegetables in these tasty bowls.

4.    The Fish Dish – Creamy Lemon Garlic Salmon

Go down to sea for one meal of the week with everyone’s favorite fish, salmon! All you need is one skillet and all of the ingredients to make this “next-level” amazing fish dish. It’s a heavier dish than others, but you can enjoy it once in a while!

5.    The Fun Dish – Giant Pizza Bagel

Finally, the end of the week calls for fun at the dinner table. Amaze your family and upgrade the ubiquitous pizza with the giant pizza bagel. Just the words “giant” and “pizza” will make everyone eager to get a piece right when it comes out of the oven.

It’s hard to be in charge of the family meals, but with the help of the Internet, some of the pressure is off your shoulders and there are a lot of family health tips available too. Of course, you don’t have to make something from scratch every day and frozen meals can do the job for you. But when you do make meals in-house, your family will appreciate it and then everyone else can do the dishes! You’ve done enough.